Warm and Worldly

Our full menu is available Tuesday – Saturday. Stop by on Sunday or Monday to try our weekly special, bar food and tapas.


You don’t need reservations. However, if you’re planning a large group visit, call us at 830-331-2675 to give us a heads up!

BUy The Bottle

Shop our wines to take home at 20% off. Looking for something specific? We’ve got you covered. 


THIRSTY? If you’re reading this, you probably are. That’s why we’re here—to bring you quality drinks to quench that thirst, whether it’s for a delicious wine or a refreshing beer.

Embrace Adventure

Tucked away below the Tavern, Richter Cork and Keg is a speakeasy-inspired wine and beer bar with a hint of 1920s bootlegging intrigue. Enjoy a wide selection of allocated wines, craft beers, reimagined bar food, and tapas in a relaxed atmosphere for lunch and dinner.

Richter Cork and Keg can either serve as a quieter alternative or the perfect place to jumpstart the party! Either way, you’ll find your perfect escape with us.

Boerne was a fabled destination back in the day, and it still remains a favorite Texas retreat—the San Antonio neighbor with its own adventures and distinct digs. 

Whether you’re here on a day trip or an extended stay, no visit’s complete without a soul-soothing stop at Richter Cork and Keg.


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For a truly memorable dining experience, where cuisine and atmosphere are paired as thoughtfully as food and wine.

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